Legally watertight business. Until you win.

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Found, grow, invest, buy, sell – we accompany our clients in their growth – with our expertise in business law, corporate law and commercial law. From the foundation to the sale of the company.

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Legally watertight business. Until you win.
Company | Corporate


Better start on your own or with others? If with others: Lose cooperation, partnership agreement or set up of a limited liability company (GmbH)? What should be covered in a statute or partnership agreement? We also know the practice of starting a business – you’ll benefit from that.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Selling or purchasing a company requires thorough preparation: Key contracts with suppliers and customers, employment contracts, IP rights (particularly trademarks and patents), business licenses and plant permits must be examined with due diligence. The due diligence procedure forms the basis for any business transfer agreement. Whether by share deal or asset deal.

We combine experience from M & A transactions with our particular expertise in advising small and medium sized businesses (SMEs). Thus, we can offer legal transaction consulting tailored for this segment: Efficient due diligence review focused on SME needs and purchase contract with customized warranties and guarantees.

Transfer of business

If a company, business or part of a business is transferred to another owner, this also requires thorough preparation from the point of view of employment law: the new owner automatically enters into all employment contracts – employer-side redundancies in connection with business transfers are only possible to a very limited extent.

Executive liability

Executives are obliged to use the diligence of a decent businessman in their management. They must act for the benefit of the company and must not be guided by impartial interests when making entrepreneurial decisions. Executives, who violate these obligations are liable to the company for the resulting damage. We represent in disputes between executives and the company, out of court and in litigation.

Legal form

You have set up your business as a sole proprietor and now you want to convert it into a limited liability company ? In order to limit personal liability or to prepare a company for sale or handover? We advise you, coordinate the steps with your tax adviser and carry out the change of legal form.