Compete. Hard but fair. Until you win.

Competition Law | UWG

Market economy is competition. With rules however: unfair competition, collusive price fixing by competitors as well as abuse of a dominant market position are practices violating competition law.

Unfair competition | Antitrust | Market abuse | Merger control

Compete. Hard but fair. Until you win.
Competition Law | UWG

Unfair competition

In your industry, you are the “number one”, your product is “clearly better” than that of your competitor? Or: The managing director founds his own spin-off, takes along the most important employees, and the best customers right away. Unfair competition quickly leads to cease and desist letters and ends often in court. Whether you want to take action against unfair competition or are being accused of a violation of competition law – count on our expertise.


Cooperation between entrepreneurs can revive the business and create synergy effects. But watch out for the ban on cartels: price fixing and other concerted practices at the expense of customers can lead to considerable fines.

Market abuse

Companies with a dominant market position can more easily manipulate markets: Such as dictating conditions to suppliers and contractors which they would never accept with other business partners. Antitrust law therefore prohibits the abuse of a dominant market position.

Merger control

Concentration endangers the competition. Thus mergers of larger companies must be registered and may be prohibited by the cartel court if otherwise a dominant position was created or extended.