Paul Pichler


Advocate for your success.

Expertise in business law, experience in entrepreneurship.


Permanent adviser to the Association of Austrian Newspapers

Permanent adviser to the Austrian Journals and Trade Media Association

Representative to the association of the Austrian Press Council

Member of the Austrian Press Promotion Commission

Ethics Senate Member of the Austrian Advertising Council

Member of the IAB Internet Advertising Bureau Austria

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Paul Pichler in the media - TV


Is daddy month coming for all young fathers?

Café Puls (Pulse 4), 05.02.2019

Interview with Paul Pichler on an initiative of the Minister of Social Affairs: Legal entitlement to paternity leave in addition to paternity leave.


Make up for holidays?

Café Puls (Pulse 4), 19.08.2015

Interview with Paul Pichler on the topic: Should holidays that fall on the weekend be made up?

Paul Pichler in the media - Newspapers

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Will the Constitutional Court overturn the advertising tax?

Horizon, 24.11.2016

Paul Pichler ZEITUNGEN

Hidden camera allowed under certain circumstances, 25.02.2015

Paul Pichler ZEITUNGEN

Hard disk levy, fair compensation for private copying

The Press, 25.04.2014

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The Media Privilege in the New Data Protection Law - Effects of the DSGVO and the DS-AG on the Media Sector

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Secret sound/image recording in TV reportage

Media and Law 2015, 5

Self-regulation of the media on the financial and economic

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Forum shopping for victims of personality
interventions on the Internet?

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The new legal framework of the ORF in the light of EC State aid law

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