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Media law warnings

Drafting and defending (actively and passively)media law warnings with cease-and-desist orders and claims for compensation under media law .

Social Media and search engines warning

Claims for information and deletion Sync and corrected by dr.jackson for Social Networks and Rating platformslike in the case of defamation and disparagement of companies through “defamatory reviews”.


Court proceedings

Actions for
injunction and damages for civil defamation (§ 1330 para. 1 ABGB) or damage to reputation (credit damage, § 1330 para. 2 ABGB);Representation in private prosecution proceedings or criminal proceedings in media content offences such as üdefamation (§ 111 StGB) and insult (§ 115 StGB), at Incitement (§ 283 StGB) and Defamation (§ 297 StGB).

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Our focus:
Advising media companies and individuals who have been harmed by the media.


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Concerns of clients in media law

Enforce compensation under media law ‘ Claim for information against social media platform ‘ Cease-and-desist letter and cease-and-desist declaration ‘ Warning letter due to credit damage and defamation ‘ Deletion of testimonials on review platforms due to disparagement of a company (Sec. 7 UWG) ‘ Have untrue testimonials (fake reviews) deleted from Google Reviews resp. delete a Google review ‘ delete untrue testimonials (fake reviews) on Tripadvisor ‘ delete a fake review or a fake evaluation on Docfinder ‘ claim for injunctive relief and damages against a former employee due to a Kununu review with untrue allegations ‘ damages due to internet defamation of character or internet defamation of reputation ‘ fight against Facebook defamation of character.

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