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The data protection law, which has been unified throughout the EU by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), covers many areas of life, from video surveillance and communication secrecy to the protection of information in end devices (ePrivacy, cookies, tracking, web analysis). One focus of attorney Paul Pichler is data protection and privacy, the “Right to be Forgotten”: eliminating unwelcome Internet entries and/or making them untraceable in search engines.

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Letters of formal notice and warning letters

Request letters and warning letters to search engine operators and platform services (

Social Media) to enforce rights, such as the right to erasure, the right to restriction and the right to rectification of personal data in accordance with the GDPR, right to Oblivion enforce in search engines (have search entries deleted) or enforce the right to one’s own image (injunctive relief according to § 78 UrhG).

Create data protection concept for online services

Create data protection concept for online services (e.g. in connection with web analysis, targeting and collection of user data for target group advertising (direct marketing), including form for GDPR-compliant consent and privacy notice or privacy policy as well as data protection framework agreements (DPAs) and order processing agreements (AVV or ADV) with business partners and service providers (sub-processors).


Data protection procedure

Data protection proceedings: Complaint to the data protection authority or representation in proceedings before the data protection authority, legal data protection action (action for injunctive relief and damages), action for damages (compensation for non-material damage) due to violation of privacy and the highly personal sphere of life (§ 1328a ABGB, § 7 Media Act).

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Our focus:
Right to be forgotten - enforce deletion of negative reviews and incriminating search results.


Sample privacy policy

Sample deletion request

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Have Google reviews deleted ‘ Have a Google review deleted ‘ Have a Tripadvisor review deleted ‘ Have a Docfinder review deleted ‘ Have an internet picture deleted (e.g. privacy violating photos as a result of sexting and upskirting) ‘ Enforce privacy ‘ Delete a Google search result ‘ Delete a Kununu review ‘ Get damages for internet defamation or internet reputation damage ‘ Have an Instagram picture deleted.

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